Memories of Portugal

In these times of confinement, I’ve been wistfully going through old holiday snaps, wondering when I’ll be able to jump on a plane to (at least) visit my geographically scattered friends and family. That’s how I found these photos from mine and Sandra’s 2017/2018 New Year’s Eve holiday to Lisbon (remember Sandra, my faithful travel companion? She was featured on the very first post on this blog!). I love these photos – the light and colours of Lisbon make for some of the best images I have captured both on camera and in my memory. So I decided to share them with you, as a digital equivalent of holding you hostage in my living room after dinner and projecting my holiday photos/videos against the wall. Sorry/not sorry.

Sandra at Lisbon Castle, which overlooks the historical city centre, and then in a bar we found on our way down. We ordered a glass of Moscatel each and promptly became pleasantly tipsy, chatting to the nice older couple sitting next to us and watching the sun set on Lisbon from a truly privileged vantage point.
Sandra metaphorically embracing Portuguese culture (by literally embracing Fernando Pessoa).
New Years’ Eve: burgers and bacalhau for dinner, half a bottle of wine courtesy of yet another nice older couple sitting next to us, various other drinks courtesy of various other strangers we met in the main square at midnight. Bonus: me literally doing my make up in somebody else’s car (as the good Lorde teaches us).
 The Jerónimos Monastery and Belém Tower
Ginja and fado in the best tasca in Lisbon



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