Thailand Part I: Bangkok and Ayutthaya

Good evening. It’s been pretty much exactly nine months since my first lockdown-induced-reminiscing-about-past-holidays-and-crying post, we are still in lockdown, and I am still thinking wistfully about getting on some kind of means of transport that is not my legs and going somewhere that’s not here (aren’t we all). But fear not! I am not out of old holiday snaps yet. (Huge relief, I know). This week I’ve been looking at pictures from my 2017 trip to Thailand with my good pals Cristina and Cecilia. At the time I had just emerged from one of the most difficult periods of my life (not to sound dramatic or anything), I felt more optimistic about the future than I had in years, and the two weeks I spent on this trip were like a huge breath of fresh (if extremely humid) air. Looking at these photos puts me back in that mindset somewhat, and maybe it will do the same for you? Idk. Let me know.

Because I have frankly obscene amounts of these pictures, this post will be in two parts, as per this blog’s longstanding tradition. Also, my digital photography skills at the time were pretty shaky, and my editing skills were nonexistent, so please don’t judge the technical qualities of these photos too harshly, and give a round of applause to Alvio Massari, a.k.a. Cristina’s dad, who edited them for me. Okay. Onwards.

This is actually Zagreb airport lol
Bangkok markets: a stall at Rot Fai night market and the Chatuchak Weekend Market
Our apartment had a rooftop pool!! Thank you @ Cristina for basically organising the whole trip and choosing excellent accommodation, 10/10 would blindly book again while in a semi-comatose state
Head of the Buddha at Wat Mahathat in the Ayutthaya Historical Park


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