Thailand Part II: Ko Pha-ngan and Krabi

Good afternoon. The sun is shining, exceptionally, and I am feeling marginally more optimistic about this whole Situation and life in general. That being said even when sunny Coventry has got nothing on the tropical islands below (only landscape-wise, of course – the company is excellent), so allow me to indulge in my nostalgia for large bodies of water and warmer suns. In the summer of 2020 I did some proper swimming for what I think was the first time in three years (!), and I did not realise how much I had missed it until I was in my native Adriatic broth, paddling for dear life. Anyone else miss swimming? Maybe when such things are allowed again I’ll sign up with the big fuckoff gym they just built round the corner, which is bound to include a big fuckoff swimming pool. Anyway, I digress – please enjoy the photos below. No thoughts, just vibes, etc.

Some more photos from Ko Pha-ngan; the first three taken from a place appropriately called “Amsterdam bar”
I believe all the photos above were taken on Ko Poda; our tour that day included a few more islands but, as you can kind of see in the photos, after Ko Poda we were positively BATTERED by the monsoon so I had to hide my camera in my backpack and pray it wouldn’t get too wet. Our trip home was also kinda rocky and it did not help that I was sitting next to the only person on the entire boat who got so seasick she repeatedly threw up in a bin. BOATS! Am I right?


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