Clelia Furlan’s Friuli-Venezia Giulia for Lecker newsletter (ENG) – Feb 2020

Immortal Appendages for Tiny Essays (ENG) – Nov 2019

Spaghetti à la Furlan-Holdenried-Sarwar for Lecker Zine #1 (p. 86-88) (ENG)

Interview: Deputy Curator Fiona Venables on the John Piper exhibition (ENG) – May 2018

Suicide Notes Theatre Review for The Boar (ENG) – May 2018

How to Care for Your Internationals for The Boar (ENG) – Feb 2018

Slow Down, Fast Fashion for The Boar (ENG) – Jan 2018

Silent Theatre Review for Warwick Arts Centre Blog (ENG) – Nov 2017

“Ida Pfeiffer: Una signora viennese alla scoperta del mondo” in AA. VV. Un girasole diverso. Storie di donne (Vita Activa, 2017) (IT)


“Wat Maha That Temple, Ayutthaya, Thailand” for Cobalt Magazine

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